ETI’s unique trading model triples customer income

ETI recently presented one of our customers with exceptional results. We developed a completely unique trading method within the Single Electricity Market (as confirmed by the TSOs). For this individual site, we received >£660K for the last year. We were able to demonstrate that the conventional trading by any other DSU would have returned £220K for the same period. We invite all companies to allow us to demonstrate why our innovation, engineering expertise and trading makes us the premier DSU when it comes to maximising income for our customers. Our track record speaks for itself.

Michael Jackson commented, “It matters that we have operated and controlled the grid for 21 years, including the €2.6B/yr Single Electricity Market. If ETI don’t know how to maximise income from trading better than our competitors, there would be something badly wrong. Our existing customers can testify to ETI’s experience and expertise by our results.”