About Energy Trading Ireland

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, clear and entirely client focused. Energy Trading Ireland derive revenue returns to our clients every day.

Energy Trading Ireland (ETI) has been established to provide energy management services to our clients spanning all sectors of industry, business and commerce. We provide substantial revenue returns to their business' by utilising existing infrastructure and processes.

As a licensed Demand Side Unit Aggregator, ETI provides both Demand Side Reduction and DS3 Services into both the Single Electricity Market and System Services Markets in N. Ireland and RoI.

To maximise revenue for our clients from the Single Electricity Market (SEM), ETI focuses on the efficient utilization of our clients' existing infrastructure and current electricity use. This could be achieved by direct demand reduction, use of existing installed generation equipment or a combination of both.

With over 45 years' experience in the Electricity Supply Industry, ETI has the in-house expertise to design, project-manage, commission and trade projects on behalf of customers.

Our experience includes Commissioning and Coordination Engineer for the 600 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Generating Plant at Ballylumford Power Station - N. Ireland's first CCGT and largest power plant.
Installation and commissioning of 72 wind turbines.


Testing and Monitoring Engineer responsible for  Grid Code Compliance Testing of all N. Ireland power station generators.


21 years as Grid Control Engineer with the Transmission System Operator - experience of many market trading platforms including scheduling and running the €2.0B/yr Single Electricity Market.


ETI have been trading in the Single Electricity Market since January 2015.
We generated over £500,000 income for one individual customer in the last 12 months.

With many years of both power station and Grid Control experience, we have a sound understanding of industrial processes, operations and the pressures of meeting customer services in a highly regulated environment. In the Electricity Supply Industry, failure to balance supply and demand on a second-by-second basis leads to disconnection of tens, or hundred of thousands of customers. You can rest assured that, with ETI, your business is in safe hands.

ETI provide a complete End to End Energy Management service for our clients and will shortly provide these energy services in GB as well as internationally.

Our History

ETI has over 45 years experience in the electricity supply industry

  • NOVEMBER 2012

    Energy Trading Ireland founded by Michael Jackson

  • JANUARY 2015

    ETI commences trading in Republic of Ireland

  • DECEMBER 2015

    ETI becomes the largest DSU in Northern Ireland

  • DECEMBER 2017

    ETI secure capacity in the I-SEM

  • JANUARY 2018

    ETI's workforce doubles in size with the opening of their in-house Control Centre

  • JUNE 2018

    ETI commission their bespoke FFR kit for participation in the DS3 market

Meet our team.

Our team at Energy Trading Ireland brings a wealth of experience from all aspects of the electricity supply industry

Michael Jackson

Owner and Managing Director

With 36 years experience in the Electricity Supply Industry, Michael has extensive power station experience in oil fired generation and CCGT technologies as well as 21 years experience as SONI's Grid Control Engineer.

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In 1992, Mike took up the newly created post as Northern Ireland Electricity's Power Station Testing and Monitoring Engineer attached to 'Grid Control'. In 1994 Mike moved into the Control Room as Grid Control Engineer and has 21 years experience in operating and scheduling the Power System. In 2002 Premier Power and SONI offered Mike the role of CCGT Co-Ordination and Commissioning Engineer for N. Ireland's first CCGT power plant. In 2005 Mike was again seconded from shift operations to advise the NI and RoI Regulators, and their consultants, regarding the new Single Electricity Market design. Having operated the Grid and Single Electricity Market from the top down, Mike has now resigned from SONI to set up Energy Trading Ireland bringing extensive engineering, trading and efficiency experience to clients throughout Ireland and abroad. Return